Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Acceptance and Coolness

An impressive rant:
I am a lot of things, not all of them good or nice. I can be petty, stupid, and annoying. In general, I can be an asshole. However, I will not get caught in the trap of thinking that my blog is hip. It's a fucking blog that I often write in my fucking underwear. I have no aspirations for it to be anything else. So, you can find fault with a great many things with this blog. Its immaturity. Its gratuitous profanity. Its lack of coherent thought. But there's nothing more annoying than somebody thinking they're cool when they're not. Scratch that. There is. Somebody thinking they're cool when they're not, and then writing pieces imbued, permeated, and inundated with a tone of superiority emanating from that delusion.
But is acceptance of non-hipness just another way of coming to terms with mediocrity?
[O]n a strictly human level, I can't help but admire [Matthew McConaughey]: I think maybe he knows the secret to true contentment. Unlike most actors, who spend their extremely fortunate lives constantly striving, seemingly as burdened with the stress of professional success as the rest of us non-Adonis, non-millionaires, McConaughey appears to be legitimately satisfied with his extraordinary luck and to have fully embraced his professional mediocrity (only his frequent co-star Kate Hudson seems as willful or happy a hack). He's the guy who wrapped a Steven Spielberg movie (Amistad) and decided that caliber of film just wasn't for him, his spot in the canon be damned. I don't dig his movies, but maybe he wants to hang out and teach me to be Zen sometime?
if Matthew McConaughey wrote a blog in his underwear, would it be cool?
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