Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Global Warming versus Animal Rights

I've been eating less meat lately, so I thought that this chart showing the carbon cost per pound of food was interesting.

Klein observes:
The carbon implication is that vegetarianism is best, but if people insist on eating meat, chicken is far better than beef. This puts the carbon argument at odd with the animal rights movement. For them, chicken is far worse than beef. It takes a human being years to eat a cow but only a single dinner to consume a chicken. The death toll of a poultry diet is far higher than a beef diet. And chicken are treated far worse than cows.
One of Klein's commenters converts the numbers to pounds of CO2 per 1,000 calories of the foodstuff. Tomatoes, being mostly water, come off poorly, but so does shrimp.

Milk 3.3
Cheese 5.9
Chicken 2.4
Pork 8.8
Salmon 12.5
Shrimp 24.9
Beef 25.0
Oat Flakes 0.4
Flour 0.3
Carrots 1.4
Tomatoes 20.3

Pescetarians can take comfort in the relatively low suffering burden imposed by their choice of protein source, but might want to abstain from unnecessary auto travel.
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