Friday, August 31, 2007

Stop Snitchin'

Check out this organization. It's funded by tax dollars!

The haziness of our definition of obscenity inspired LiveJournal to start immediately censoring drawings of people who might look underage. (Such drawings might violate federal law; Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition only protects non-obscene content.)

Things are a bit out of control when not only are minors who snap sexual photos of themselves breaking the law, but so is a teenager making doodles of himself getting it on with Jessica Alba, David Beckham, or a certain bespectacled wizard.

Out of what I assume to be misguided liability concerns, LiveJournal has now announced that it will suspend users who simply link to objectionable material; this can be material that's obscene, illegal for some other reason, or just things that violate the linker site's Terms of Service. (Incidentally, is this Amazon link illegal in Alabama? If so, wouldn't something that innocuous be grounds for termination of service in this witch-hunt atmosphere?)
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