Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pluck off the bull's horns and set them in my forehead

Check out the comments to this post. Now classify the commenters as Earthling, Martian, Venusian (Venerean, if you prefer Latin), or unidentified other extraterrestrial.

I did like the point that a cheating spouse, for some, is more easily forgiven than a cuckolding friend because the cuckold views the spouse's betrayal as responsive to some intra-relationship escalation of hostilities and the friend's betrayal as ex nihilo. A lot of the rest, though, had little connection to emotional reality as I experience it. Sleeping with a friend's spouse, absent some unconventional relationship norms, betrays that friend, no matter what the gender of the parties.

The SF situation, as I understand it, would not have a dramatic effect on my voting behavior. But I don't purport not to understand those who view trustworthiness as a necessary quality in a political figure and who would view this as evidence that Newsom is not trustworthy. It depends on whether you think people who break faith with friends are also likely to break faith with constituents and political allies.
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